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    8 World


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    Money FM

    “Singapore Precious Metals Exchange officially launches the world’s first end-to-end platform that democratizes precious metals.”

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    Cision PR Newswire

    “Customers of Stacker Market™ will be able to trade their fully insured and segregated physical bullion holdings in denominations of $0.01 USD. The platforms minimum trade size is $1.00 USD, redeemable for withdrawal in physical fractions as small as 1 gram and as large as 100 ounces.”

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    Yahoo Finance

    “Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (SGPMX), the world’s first 100 percent physically-backed precious metals exchange, has teamed up with Scottsdale Mint, a manufacturer of precious metal products to 20+ foreign governments, private banks, investors, collectors, and 3rd party bullion dealers to officially launch its Stacker Market™ platform.”

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    Singapore Business Review

    “Participating in the E50 Awards gave us the opportunity to systematically assess our company’s management objectives, business model and processes in terms of resilience.”

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    Singapore Business Review

    “Blockchain-based digital asset exchange SDAX has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with physical bullion-backed precious metals exchange SGPMX to deliver more choices and new investment investment opportunities for investors.”

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    Money FM

    “You could then dollar-cost average your purchase over a period of time and then choose to take the physical bullion back or you could even liquidate and take back your money.”

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    The Straits Times

    “You can keep gold at a special secured facility in Changi, where a firm lets big and small investors trade in actual gold in an online global exchange.”

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    The Straits Times

    “Being in a high-security zone next to Changi Airport facilitates the direct movement of high-value cargoes between the vault and the planes.”

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    Channel News Asia

    “We use a very sensitive weighing machine that provides the density. Second, we use the handheld XRF which basically scans the surface of the bar and shows the breakdown of different bars. And the third is the ultrasound machine where it scans through the bar where if there is any adulteration of the bar, it will detect there’s some impurity in the bar.”

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    South China Morning Post

    “A Singaporean company is offering consumers, via a mobile app, the ability to buy much smaller gold pieces than normal, making it more affordable. People can now buy a one-gram gold bar for just US$70. The firm’s founder and CEO says this could bring gold sales to the mass market.”

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    8 World


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    “Singapore has been long known as a world’s leading financial and trading centre. But not many know that the country also host a vault where gold and other precious metals are being kept. The report provides you a quick look at Singapore Precious Metals Exchange.”

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    “Most investors are from Europe and the United States, but Foo predicts the number from Asia will increase in the coming years.”

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    “The price of an ounce of gold topped US$2,000 for the first time last month — fuelled by worries about the economic impact of the virus as well as future inflation — and Foo says sales have risen.”

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    Gulf News

    “SGPMX says it is the world’s first precious metals exchange entirely backed by physical bullion, and investors can turn up whenever they like to admire their trove.”

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    France 24

    “For around US$70 you can buy one gram — a wafer the size of an SD memory card — while mini-bars weighing five, ten, 50 and 100 grams are also available.”

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    Malay Mail

    “When we first started our business a decade ago, obviously we attracted the elite group, people who had money… But it’s our aspiration to be able to reach the mass market.”

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    Bloomerg businessweek

    “Precious metal investors now have a new platform to trade with the launch of the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange.”

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    “Precious metals are an alternative to fiat currencies as the U.S. heads towards hyperinflation.”

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    Media Business Times

    “Exchange for physical gold clicks into place.”

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    "Founder and CEO of SGMPX, Victor Foo, explains how the company aims to address all the problems that comes with owning physical precious metal: Where do you buy it? How do you move it? Where do you store it? And how do you trade it?"

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    The Economist

    “With Jim Rogers on hand to complete the first transaction, the world’s first physical precious metals exchange is opened.”

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    “By unifying buy, store, trade and transport elements under one platform, SGPMX will easily position itself as a catalyst for Singapore to achieve its goal as a trading hub for precious metals in Asia Pacific.”

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    Asia One

    “SGPMX aims to facilitate investors, either individuals or institutions, to buy, store and sell real physical gold to other investors.”

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    “Professional IT specialists constantly evaluate the online investment platform, by enhancing the systems and security levels to safeguard online investments from any threat.”

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    Channel News Asia

    “Singapore is a haven to hoard gold, as precious metals are exempted from the goods and services tax, it has encouraged many foreign investors to hoard their bullion within Singapore.”

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    Edge Singapore

    “The Singapore Freeport reputation is safe guarded with security protocols, political and regulatory stability which are pivotal in assuring SGPMX customers that their gold are in safe hands.”

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    938 Live

    “SGPMX program is the world’s first physical precious metal exchange with peer to peer trading capabilities.”

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    938 Live

    “SGPMX gold and silver bullion accumulation program allows customers to buy physical bullion as well as store, trade and arrange for delivery of the physical gold and silver.”

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    938 Live

    “Our researches have selected Singapore as one of the strongest and most transparent governments for people to move their physical and tangible assets here. (Josh Phair, CEO of Scottsdale Mint).”

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    Personal Money

    “Precious metal bulls say it is still time to buy, with SGPMX making it more accessible to the masses.”

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    Business Times

    “SGPMX allow investors to buy as little as 1g of gold or 10g of silver with its savings programme.”

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    The Assay

    “Our focus now is to bring this unique solution closer to our clients through ACE (Asset Conversion Exchange), an exclusive mobile app which enables clients to perform their transactions instantly, securely and at a low cost, within the exchange platform.”

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    Zaobao Sg


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