Bullion Specialists

Since our founding in 2009, the business of bullion has been the business of SGPMX. Unlocking its value for clients will continue to be our sole focus.

Singapore Precision

A global hub of wealth, the city of the future. An exemplar metropolis defined by innovation, precision, and the highest standards. An international reference, like SGPMX.

Innovative, Or Else

A ground-breaking ecosystem for our clients. In which interconnected innovations transform physical bullion into fluid and versatile financial instruments.

State-of-the-art Tech

Robust tech backbone and infrastructure to power our proprietary digital trading platform and ensure seamless trades and transactions.

Best-in-class Security

Multi-layered governance that far exceeds industry norms, 100% backed by physical bullion stored at Le Freeport Singapore, to secure, advance, and optimize wealth.

Deep Alliances

Close collaborations with world-renowned mints and a global network of bullion partners for global execution capabilities and ready liquidity solutions.

Latest Insights

03/2024 10 Min Read

Is there Gold in Fort Knox?

Fort Knox, officially known as the United States Bullion Depository, is reportedly home to 147.3 million troy ounces of gold reserves.