Rigorous KYC Process

Strict verification of personal details with personal documents. Matching identities between trading account and bank account. All to ensure a community comprising genuine buyers and sellers.

SGPMX Bullion Authentication

Bullion Authentication

Bullion certified by internationally recognized and approved mints before entry into the SGPMX ecosystem. Sealed boxes jointly inspected with the Singapore Customs authority. Bullion further subject to additional non-destructive authentication.

SGPMX Proprietary F.A.C.T Reporting

Proprietary F.A.C.T. Reporting

Frequent, Accountable, Certified, and Traceable treatment of all bullion, from the moment it arrives to when it leaves the SGPMX ecosystem. Procurement, storage, and movements are all and always accounted for. Personalized F.A.C.T Reports available on demand.

SGPMX Le Freeport Security

Le Freeport Security Measures

Includes electronic monitoring, armed guards, biometrics, and airside gate to expedite safe transfer of goods from Changi Airport. All operations conducted under various government agencies’ strict guidelines and supervision.

SGPMX Bullion Reconciliation

Daily Bullion Reconciliation

Daily reconciliations for all bullion stored and traded within the SGPMX ecosystem. Provided in the form of daily reconciliation reports, designed to prevent fraudulent movement of bullion. Complemented by Quarterly Factual Finding reports by an Independent Certified Auditor.

SGPMX externally validated

Externally Vetted

F.A.C.T Reports provided by recognized Independent Auditor or Chartered Accountants only. Customers can also request their personalized F.A.C.T Report to be conducted by an Auditor of their choice. SGPMX is also a registered dealer with the Ministry of Law, Singapore.