We have always believed that gold can be more than a wealth preservation tool.

It’s why we innovate ground-breaking solutions that transform a universal yet passive asset into a highly fluid and versatile instrument. To redefine its role, now and forever.

Explore our innovative liquidity and income solutions

Possibility, opportunity, exceptionality.

Articulates what we want every client to feel. A sense of exploring new pathways to growth and financial freedom with SGPMX by your side, every step of the way.

Custom and bespoke solutions.

Crafting and distilling value best suited to each client and their very particular needs and wants. Never the same answers, yet always the same feeling of yes, this fits.

A quest to find the right answers, rendered beautifully.

Every day in every way, a search for innovative, elegant liquidity and lifestyle solutions that solve for financial complexity.

Unlocking the full potential of bullion.

Our overarching promise. A passion to give precious metals the wings it richly deserves. To meld security with radical maneuverability. For innovators, influencers, and industry leaders.

We arm our global clientele with the means to not only flexibly navigate the complexities of today’s world but to arrive ready—and inspired.