Singapore Precious Metals Exchange

Strategically headquartered in Singapore, SGPMX is more than the world’s foremost precious metals exchange.

Established in 2009, SGPMX is now present in 9 strategic locations, with a global network of bullion experts.

With our best-in-class tech backbone, multi-layered governance, and ground-breaking ecosystem, 100% backed by physical bullion at Le Freeport Singapore, or at secure facilities within the tax-free jurisdictions of Hong Kong and Switzerland, we are uniquely positioned to unlock the full potential of precious metals as a modern-day instrument. From unprecedented income and liquidity solutions to facilitating one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences, we offer tailored value for a global clientele, arming them with the means to navigate the complexities of today’s world flexibly.

The Evolution of Our Brand

Over the last decade, SGPMX has evolved from a bullion retail business to the world’s foremost precious metals exchange. Our revolutionary ecosystem of products and services allows our clients to stay fleet footed and secure, advance and optimize their wealth through physical bullion holdings. As we move towards our vision of unlocking the power of bullion for all, our logo and branding has evolved in lockstep, reflecting our increasing sophistication, capabilities and global ambition.


The Enterprise 50 Awards

SGPMX has been awarded the Enterprise 50 Awards 2020, a recognition of Singapore’s top 50 privately-held companies for their excellence in entrepreneurship.

Leadership and Advisory Board

Victor Foo

Founder & CEO

Victor has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is the founder and CEO of SGPMX. From its innovative business model to its ground-breaking solutions, global alliances, and singular focus on excellence, Victor remains at the forefront of SGPMX’s growth. In helping unlock the power of bullion, Victor and SGPMX discover new ways and means to help clients flexibly maneuver the complexities of today’s world, and lead the precious metals industry into the future.

Professor Koon Yat (Patrick) Wong

Independent Advisory Board Member

Professor Wong is a global financial expert with over 30 years of investment experience. He is a popular financial markets commentator in Hong Kong and a member of the Chartered Management Institute, the Associate of Cost and Executive Accountants, and the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants.

Dr Tan Kee Wee

Independent Advisory Board Member

Dr Tan Kee Wee is the Principal Partner of Waveney Economics – an economics advisory firm which he established a decade ago. Prior to that, he spent many years in the investment industry working for various financial institutions. He is also the Chief Economist of MPFunds. This is Asia’s first funded trader programme.

Dr Tan started off his career in 1988 as a journalist with the Business Times in Singapore. This was after he secured his PhD in Economics from the University of East Anglia in Britain. He continues to teach undergraduates on a part-time basis.

Professor Michael Tay

Independent Advisory Board Member

Professor Michael Tay is the founder of SingJazz, an annual international jazz festival in Singapore, and established the Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise. In 2006, as the Singapore Ambassador to Russia, he initiated the Russia-Singapore Business Forum, the only global business platform in which Russians and CIS businessmen congregated in significant numbers. In 2011, he was awarded the Pushkin Medal by the Russian President for his considerable contribution to strengthening cultural ties between Russia and Singapore.

Dato Raymond Liew

Independent Advisory Board Member

Dato Raymond Liew is the President of McMillan Woods Global, an independent member firm of the McMillan Woods Global network. He is also a Trustee of the Malaysian Accountancy Research & Education Foundation and a Council member of the Chartered Taxation Institute of Malaysia (CTIM).

Ranjit Singh

Independent Advisory Board Member

Ranjit Singh is a general litigator with vast experience and appears regularly in the High Court and Federal Court of Malaysia. Besides representing and advising publicly listed companies and professionals, Ranjit also counsels the Malaysian Bar’s compulsory insurance scheme.

Ralph Liew Siew Loong

Independent Advisory Board Member

Ralph Liew Siew Loong has over 50 years of experience in sales, distribution, agency development, marketing, management, education, training, consulting, and advisory services. He is the Philippines Chair for the International Association of Registered Consultants. He was awarded the Loren Dunton Memorial award by IARFC for his contributions to financial planning.

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