Non-destructive Authentication Methods

Weight verification

  • Weighs gold bullion from 0.01 grams up to 14.2 kilograms / 456 troy ounces
  • With special draft shield and impact protection for optimal use while weighing gold bullion
  • First and only electronic balance that is permitted to weigh gold bars in accordance with the “Good Delivery Rules” of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association)

Precious metals verifier

  • Measures completely through the sample
  • Measures the sample thickness
  • Reads through numismatic cases
  • External Bridge: Measure bars up to 45 mm thick
  • Refiners wand measures 50% deeper
  • Small wand for use with 1/20 oz & 1 gram samples
  • Microwand measures down to 3 mm spot size

XRF (X-Ray Fluorescent) spectrometer

  • Immediate/accurate representation of the surface metal composition listing detected metals

Mint/Manufacture seals, serials and hallmarks

  • Cross referencing and validation with participating mints

Fire assay testing (only for re-fabrication)

  • Incoming bullion which is circulated or having discrepancies will be sent for assaying and refabrication

Fire assay testing (only for re-fabrication)

Indicative pricing for verification and asset transfer

AssetServiceOunceRates (USD)
SilverVerified <1,000 $0.90 - $1.10 per oz*
SilverVerified 5,000$0.70 - $0.90 per oz*
SilverVerified +10,000$0.50 - $0.70 per oz*
SilverRe-Fabrication10,000$1.00 - $1.30 per oz*
GoldVerified 5000.75% - 1.00%*
GoldVerified 1,0000.50% - 0.75%*
GoldVerified 1,000+Contact Us

*Subject to additional 8% GST
**The all-inclusive ATS Service is only applicable in the US. Costs cover shipping/insurance to Scottsdale Mint, re-fabrication/asset verification, shipping/insurance to SGPMX, along with export permitting and documentation. We only offer re-fabrication for non-legal tender silver bullion products.
***For other parts of the world, customers can opt for a “Certified Asset Transfer” or a “Non-Certified Asset Transfer Service” to store their bullion with SGPMX. Costs of shipping/insurance and asset verification will be quoted individually when you send us details via our ATS contact form.

Note: The Annual Storage fee is renewable yearly.