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    Enjoy more than 200 bullion products from over 10 internationally recognised mints.

    What types of products do we offer?

    Our retail store is affiliated with internationally recognised mints and provides direct inventory of gold and silver to customers from these mints. The mints include Perth Mint Australia, Valcambi Suisse, Scottsdale Mint, MKS PAMP, Royal Canadian Mint, Metalor Technologies, Heraeus SA, Geiger Edelmetalle GmBH, New Zealand Mint, Precious Metal Technologies, Austrian Mint, United States Mint, and The Royal Mint. Our product offerings include:


    Cast bars

    Cast bars are moulded from melted precious metals and has a more natural look.


    Minted bars

    Minted bars are compressed out of cast bars to create a cleaner-looking bar with uniformed thickness.



    Certi-Lock® products are precious metals encased in a comprehensive, interactive precious metals verification system, designed to give consumers confidence in the authenticity of their gold and silver products.



    CombiBars® are divisible precious metal bars. Each single 1g or 10g bar is manufactured with accurately constructed predetermined breaking points, making it easily separated without any loss of material.



    Stacker® products are bars that are cut to precision. Each bar features beveled, interlocking edges, allowing you to stack the bars neatly for easy storage.


    Bullion coins

    Bullion coins are coins issued by governments, carrying a legal tender. Despite the face value marked on each coin, the value of the coin is determined by the international market value of the precious metal’s weight.


    Collectible or numismatic coins

    Collectible or numismatic coins are valuable, limited coins that carries an external value other than the base value of the precious metal. The external value of the coin can be determined by their condition or rarity.

    What arrangements can you make with your purchased bullion products?



    to your preferred location



    from Le Freeport Singapore (for purchases above USD 1,000.00 only)



    at Le Freeport Singapore (for purchases above USD 1,000.00 only)

    What is the process for product handover?

    (for self-collection and storage options)


    Procurement of bullion

    Bullion is procured directly from internationally recognized mints. All bullion is sealed in boxes.


    Listing and clearance of bullion

    The procured bullion is transported by internationally recognised couriers. Every bullion product is listed on the airway bill, and are cleared by Singapore customs.


    Transporting of bullion to facility

    After customs clearance, bullion is transported directly into the secured bonded facility by the courier.


    Joint inspection of boxes

    Sealed boxes are then opened and jointly inspected by the representatives of both SGPMX and representatives from internationally recognised secure logistic providers.


    Safekeeping records creation

    Safekeeping records via Frequent-Accountable-Certified-Traceable (F.A.C.T.) Report are made and the bullion remains as the owner’s at all times.


    Pass safekeeping receipts to owners

    Safekeeping receipts are given to the owners of the bullion and are used to match the SGPMX records. These receipts will also be used to facilitate future trading requests by the owner.

    SGPMX does not have access to the procured bullion at every point of its way. All bullion procured is recognised by the mints as UNCIRCULATED. This method provides assurance to the owners, future buyers, and mints that everyone can trade in the SGPMX ecosystem without prejudice.

    Will the Goods and Services Tax (GST) be charged on the bullion products?

    Bullion products in Singapore may be categorised into 2 categories:


    Products that are listed by the Singapore authorities as GST-free

    GST payable

    Products that do not have GST exemption and therefore GST is charged

    Any product of which GST is payable may have its GST payment suspended (for the time being) if it is stored in a Zero-GST warehouse, such as Le Freeport Singapore. If and when the product is removed from the Zero-GST warehouse, GST becomes immediately payable.

    You may read more about the GST: Guide on Exemption of Investment Precious Metals (IPM) by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for details.

    Accepted payment methods


    Credit Card*


    Bank Wire Transfer*


    GIRO/ENETS Direct Debit*

    *Terms & Conditions apply.

    Be one of our many proud owners of bullion products today.





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