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And now with SGPMX, bullion is tailored and ready.

Singapore Precious Metals Exchange is the world’s foremost precious metals exchange, with a best-in-class tech backbone, multi-layered governance, and a ground-breaking ecosystem 100% backed by physical bullion. We are uniquely positioned to unlock the full potential of precious metals as an uncompromised modern-day financial instrument.

For our valued clients, this means using bullion as the foundation to create tailored value, facilitate one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences, and access unprecedented income and liquidity solutions for them to flexibly navigate the complexities of today’s world.

Leading with a service mindset, SGPMX invests in strengthening its partnerships, embracing cutting-edge technology and new ways of working. As the international reference for bullion liquidity, we move only with a commitment to excellence. Elegant solutions and exceptional service, flawlessly executed with discretion always, we are SGPMX.


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