Asset Transfer Service.

Move and store your bullion in Singapore for unrivalled peace of mind and ease of trade.

Choice of genuine bullion.

Direct from Mints!

World Class Storage – Duty Free!

Thousands of deliveries worldwide.

Zero losses.

Trade whenever, wherever!

SGPMX’s trading platform is an online trading facility for participants of the Exchange to freely buy and sell their physical bullion holdings, hassle-free.

Build your portfolio in physical bullion from as little as US$10 a month.

Gold & Silver
Accumulation Account

Build your portfolio in physical bullion from as little as US$10 a month.

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Asset Transfer Service

Move and store your bullion in Singapore for unrivalled peace of mind and ease of trade

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Buy, store, trade and ship your bullion from anywhere around the world privately,

conveniently and securely on one single platform.

In The Media

  • "Gold will witness a recovery to around $1425 per ounce by yearend, says Jim Sinclair, precious metals and currencies commentator."

  • "Precious metals are an alternative to fiat currencies as the U.S. heads towards hyperinflation."

  • "Precious metal investors now have a new platform to trade with the launch of the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange."

  • "With Jim Rogers on hand to complete the first transaction, the world’s first physical precious metals exchange is opened."

  • "By unifying buy, store, trade and transport elements under one platform, SGPMX will easily position itself as a catalyst for Singapore to achieve its goal as a trading hub for precious metals in Asia Pacific."

  • "SGPMX aims to facilitate investors, either individuals or institutions, to buy, store and sell real physical gold to other investors."

  • "Professional IT specialists constantly evaluate the online investment platform, by enhancing the systems and security levels to safeguard online investments from any threat. "

  • "Singapore is a haven to hoard gold, as precious metals are exempted from the goods and services tax, it has encouraged many foreign investors to hoard their bullion within Singapore."

  • "The Singapore Freeport reputation is safe guarded with security protocols, political and regulatory stability which are pivotal in assuring SGPMX customers that their gold are in safe hands."

  • "SGPMX program is the world's first physical precious metal exchange with peer to peer trading capabilities."

  • "SGPMX gold and silver bullion accumulation program allows customers to buy physical bullion as well as store, trade and arrange for delivery of the physical gold and silver."

  • "Our researches have selected Singapore as one of the strongest and most transparent governments for people to move their physical and tangible assets here. (Josh Phair, CEO of Scottsdale Mint)."

  • "SGPMX aims to cater to the rising demand for consolidated end-to-end precious metals trading in Asia."

  • "Jim Sinclair, Executive Chairman of SGPMX shares why he’s still finding reason to be extremely bullish on gold."

  • "Precious metal bulls say it is still time to buy, with SGPMX making it more accessible to the masses."

  • "SGPMX allow investors to buy as little as 1g of gold or 10g of silver with its savings programme."

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